Another series of deadly missions is about to begin in Straw Hat Samurai. Slice and dice your way through entire armies in this thrilling samurai game.The relentless and incredibly powerful Aka-Ryu clan is determined to invade your kingdom. The only thing standing between them and total conquest is you! Team up with a fearless samurai as he defends the kingdom's borders in this intense action game. How to Play Straw Hat Samurai?Straw Hat Samurai is a challenging skill game. Use your sword and bow to protect your kingdom from an invading army. There's treasure chests you can collect along the way that will help you improve your abilities.Game ControlsUSE THE MOUSE to scroll across the screen or aim your bow.PRESS SHIFT to toggle between weapons.LEFT CLICK to walk, fire an arrow, or attack your enemies with your sword.Similar GamesCheck out these awesome online games next! Ninja Boy: Ultimate EditionNo ProblamasStickman Archer: Mr. BowFruit NinjaWho Developed Straw Hat Samurai?Straw Hat Samurai was created by IceStone.
Straw Hat Samurai
Straw Hat Samurai
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