These smartphones are all in sad shape! Get ready to fix them in Repair It.It's another busy day at the repair shop and there's lots of phones to work on. You’ll need to replace their screens, swap out their batteries, and more! You can also earn cash to upgrade your shop, but will you figure out how to fix each phone?How to Play Repair It?Repair It is a one player game that lets you manage your own smartphone repair shop. Try to determine how to fix each one of your customer's phones.Game ControlsUSE THE MOUSE to look for items.LEFT CLICK to use them while you repair the phones.Similar GamesHere are a few more simulation games for you to check out.Perfect HouseCute Car RepairLight PGSPopcorn BoxWho Developed Repair It?Repair It was created by BPTop.
Repair It
Repair It
by BPTop
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