Idle Startup Tycoon is an idle game where you develop your own startup companies from ground-up. Recruit workers, create new enterprises, and upgrade your workplace to develop a tycoon network! Code a start up idea in a cool co-working space. Transfer it to the cloud servers. Then, pass it on to the Sales Managers to earn cash. Invest your money wisely and always plan early about what upgrade to buy, so your cashflow is steady and consistent. Start with a food delivery O2O app, then move on to a mobile game company, a ridesharing app, a livestreaming app, Internet of Things (IoT) venture, infosec, drones, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and of course, a suborbital space tourism start up. You can even hire managers to keep earning money without having to click, or even being in the game. Go ahead and show us if you can you be the next world-famous billionaire!
Idle Startup Tycoon
Idle Startup Tycoon
by MarketJS
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