Whats Grandma Hiding

Whats Grandma Hiding


Embark on a mysterious journey, where your grandma tasked you with restoring a mansion that you never knew your family had. Search for clues scattered throughout the estate, piecing together the mystery and unlocking hidden truths as you delve deeper into the enigmatic past. Utilize rewarded ads to gain valuable coins or expedite the deciphering process, enhancing your investigative prowess in this immersive item-searching adventure.

Key Features:

- Investigate Mysteries: Explore various parts of the mansion to uncover clues and decipher their meanings, revealing the truth behind Grandma's secrets. - Rewarded Ads: Watch ads to earn free coins or speed up the process of deciphering clues, aiding your progress in the game. - Engaging Storyline: Immerse yourself in a compelling narrative as you unearth the secrets of the mansion and unravel the mysteries surrounding your family's history.


Discover the hidden secrets of a forgotten family mansion in What's Grandma Hiding, as you assist Marie in unraveling the mysteries hidden within its walls.

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