MR RACER - Car Racing

MR RACER - Car Racing


MR RACER - Car Racing is a thrilling and challenging racing game that will excite you! Race at high speed with stunning supercars and beat the traffic. This game provides a very easy-to-control car movement and is extremely fun to race.

Key Features:

100 levels in Challenge Mode. Let’s see how many you can complete! Unlimited levels in Chase Mode. Best of race, chase your opponents and show them that you are a Master! Career Race Mode: Beat your rivals and be the legend! 15 Supercars available Upgrade cars to gear up the performance! Customize cars with attractive car paint and cool wheels Stunning 3D graphics & realistic lighting Different Camera angles: First-person view, third-person view, and top-down view 5 realistic locations: Farmland, City, Mountain Day, Mountain Night, and Snow 6 game modes: Challenge mode, Career mode, Chase mode, Endless, Time Trial, and Free ride Automatic or Manual acceleration option Engaging and intelligent traffic system Encouragement from Maria!


W / up arrow key = accelerate A / left arrow key = steer left D / right arrow key = steer right S / down arrow key = brake H = horn

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