Great adventure in search of gold to fulfill a dream! Amazing dungeon adventure game with gem-matching puzzle mechanics! Five heroes joined forces to fulfill their dreams! Explore a dangerous cave, kill enemies, open chests – earn gold! Between battles, you can improve their heroes and buy new items at the tavern. Features: - Match gems to perform attacks - Puzzle/skill meets epic RPG! - 5 heroes - 16 unique caves - 10 skills - Over 7 hours of gameplay - Store - Inventory Instruction: Our five heroes: a warrior, thief, barbarian, hunter and wizard have trained hard and studied a lot to finally go on a great adventure and make their dreams come true. Explore dungeons and slay monsters in this game featuring a subtle blend of role-playing and bejeweled-like mechanics. The damage of your attacks will depend on the choice of colored runes and you'll have to select groups of adjacent stones of the right color to penetrate the armor of your opponents.
Dangerous Adventure
Dangerous Adventure
by Flash From The Past
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