Daily Solitaire Blue is a Klondike solitaire game with two gameplay options. Practice 1-card and 3-card draw in the free play game mode, or tap on the calendar to play the Daily Challenge mode.In the Daily Challenge mode, your aim is to collect as many crowns as you can crowns. Log in every day to play a new deck and unlock monthly trophies. Collect 15 crowns to win the Bronze Trophy, 20 to unlock the Silver Trophy, and 28 to win the Golden Trophy. How to play Daily Solitaire Blue?The aim is to stack the cards in the 7 columns of the tableau in descending order. When stacking cards within the tableau of this card game, you must alternate between the red suits (hearts and diamonds) and the black suits (spades and clubs).Find the Aces and move them to the 4 empty cells left of the tableau. These are the foundation piles. Here, you must sort the cards in ascending order by suit. If you’re not sure what to do, try pressing the HINT button (the little light bulb in the bottom right corner).Once you have drawn all of the cards from the stock and placed them in order within the tableau, the autocomplete option will appear. The remaining cards will then move to the foundations automatically. You can also do it by hand if you prefer.Game ControlsLEFT CLICK or TAP and HOLD to pick up the cards and move them.Similar GamesIf you enjoyed this game, you can also try these card and solitaire games from our collection:Classic Spider SolitairePyramid Microsoft Solitaire CollectionPhase 10Kings and Queens: Solitaire TripeaksWho Developed Daily Solitaire Blue?Daily Solitaire Blue was developed by SoftGames-Azerion.
Daily Solitaire Blue
Daily Solitaire Blue
by SOFTGAMES – Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH
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