It’s time to take your skills from the turf to the tracks in this Ronaldo Kick ‘n Run game. It’s not enough that our beloved #7 has dominated the international soccer scene for a decade. No, Cristiano Ronaldo thirsts for even more glory, so he has found a way to show off his supernatural skills in a totally new challenge. Instead of a nice, freshly mowed field to stomp around on, he’s dashing and dodging his way through a crowded street! Not only do you have to worry about avoiding train cars, awnings, gates and other hazards, but you have to do it all while dribbling a ball. Normally, we would say this is impossible, but then we remember just whose feet those are laced up into those fancy shoes. We remember just how many times Ronaldo has done the impossible. That’s why this game is so crazy and realistic at the same time. We love it!
 Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun
Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun
by Kiloo
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