Match up the cards as quickly as you can in Classic Solitaire Blue. How fast will you be able to get through the decks in this online card game?You can draw one or three cards during each turn of this solitaire game that's great for players of all ages and skill levels. See how many points you can earn along the way. There's even bonus points up for grabs if you play fast!How to Play Classic Solitaire Blue?Classic Solitaire Blue is a fun and challenging version of the timeless and popular card game. Draw one or three cards from the deck during each turn. You'll need to find a spot for them on the table based on both their value and the color of their suit. For example, you can place a red 9 card below a black 10 one.Game ControlsUSE THE MOUSE to draw cards or place them on the table.Similar GamesLooking for a few more classic online games? If so, try one of these great titles next. Microsoft Solitaire CollectionKlondike Solitaire Card GameDouble Klondike SolitaireSolitaire FRVRWho Developed Classic Solitaire Blue?Classic Solitaire Blue was created by Softgames.
Classic Solitaire Blue
Classic Solitaire Blue
by SOFTGAMES – Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH
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